1.3. Flaps, tabs, and palettes

The flaps hold most of Sophie's functionality that you can't get at through the halos and HUDs. Each flap has tabs in it; each tab has palettes. You can switch tabs by clicking on the tab name. By dragging the edges, you can change how big the tabs and palettes are. This diagram shows where the flaps, tabs, and palettes are in Sophie's interface:


The left flap is generally concerned with the structure of your book.

The right flap generally contains content that can be used to make books.

The timeline flap may be opened if you're working with timelines; it shows the timeline workspace.

1.3.1. Using flaps, tabs, and palettes
1.3.2. The left flap
1.3.3. The right flap
1.3.4. The timeline flap