1.3.2. The left flap

The left flap has tabs called Books, Tools, Servers, and Pages.

The books tab

The books tab lists the Embedded Books in the currently focused book.


The embedded books palette lists the names of all embedded books that are resources of the currently selected book. If the embedded book is linked, rather than fully embedded, the text [LINKED] will appear before its name. Double-click the entry of any embedded book to open it for editing. See the section on embedded books for more information on how embedded books work.

The tools tab

The tools tab currently holds the Search palette, which looks like this:


To search a book, enter text in the text field; click the Search button to search your books. If the text is found in the book, it will be listed underneath the buttons. Clicking one of the results will turn to that page and highlight the text; the arrow buttons will move back and forth in the results.

The servers tab

The servers tab lists Sophie and FTP Servers that you are currently connected to and any resources on Sophie servers. For information on using Sophie Server, go here. For information on using FTP servers, go here.

The pages tab

The pages tab contains the page preview palette, which displays thumbnails of all pages of the current Sophie book, and the page structure palette, which is an outline of every frame that appears on the currently selected page. The page preview palette looks like this:


You can select pages (and turn to them) by clicking on them; when a page is selected, you can add pages before or after using the two buttons at the top of the palette. The X button will delete a page.

The page structure palette displays an outline of every frame on the current page with metadata about that frame. It looks like this:


Selecting an entry in the page structure palette will select the object on the page (and vice versa). In the image above, the page itself is selected. The page contains two embedded books on it; each gets an entry with metadata about them.

Clicking on the + and - icons in the page structure palette will expand and contract the outline.