1. Working with Sophie Server

Sophie Server allows you to share, upload, and download Sophie books through a webpage or inside Sophie Author or Reader. Sophie Server is an application that can be deployed on any web server allowing the creation of a social network of Sophie books and users. With this release, Sophie Server has user permissions, allowing control of who edits and reads a book. You can also preview a book online in a Java applet.

The demonstration Sophie Server can be visited here; however, this server is being used for testing and is not always running. You can also run your own copy of Sophie Server using the instructions here and then navigating to or  http://localhost:8003.

Users can upload books on Sophie and browse for books added by others. Sophie Server also provides the capability of collaborative editing of books by more than one user.

This section of the documentation covers the web component of Sophie Server. To learn about how Sophie Server can be used from inside Sophie Author, click here; to learn about how Sophie Server can be used from inside Sophie Reader, click here.

Working with Sophie Server as a user

1.1. Creating an account on Sophie Server
1.2. Logging in to Sophie Server
1.3. Editing your profile on Sophie Server
1.4. Browsing books on Sophie Server
1.5. Searching books on Sophie Server
1.6. Uploading books to Sophie Server

1.7. Using Sophie books in an applet on Sophie Server