2. Administering Sophie Server

To run Sophie Server, first follow the installation instructions for Sophie. Then run the file Sophie2Server (on a Mac) sophie2_server.exe (on Windows) or sophie2_server.sh (on Linux). That's all you need to do. Just keep the application running: whenever it's running, users can connect to your computer and upload books to it and download books from it. Users will need to know what your IP address is; to connect to your Sophie Server, they need to navi

To test if your Sophie Server is working, navigate to  http://localhost:8003 or If Sophie Server is running correctly, you should see the standard Sophie Server interface; go here for instructions. You'll be able to create new accounts and login just as with our demonstration server. For information on using your copy of Sophie Server in Sophie Reader or Sophie Author, see here.

If you expect other people to upload and download books to and from your Sophie Server, you should install it on a computer that's always on and connected to the Internet. (Running Sophie Server on a laptop, for example, doesn't make very much sense most of the time.) Be aware that this is server software; it does open a port on your computer, and you should exercise appropriate precautions. If you're uncomfortable with this (or don't know what this means), please don't run Sophie Server. While everyone can run Sophie Server, we don't expect that everyone will: it makes more sense to do this if you're administering a group of Sophie users.