1.3.3. The right flap

The right flap has tabs called Resources, Changes, Library, and Book Extras.

The resources tab

The resources tab lists all the resources in the selected book. There are two palettes, titled Resources and Detail View:


The resources palette lists all resources in the current book. Resources are separated in the palette by type: if you click the up arrow next to "Text", "Images", "Audio", or "Video", you can hide that sort of media. In the example above, "Audio" is hidden; click the down arrow to show it again.

Resources can also be be filtered by media type by clicking one of the buttons at the top of the palette to select a media type. From left to right, these buttons filter text, images, audio, video, PDFs, and HTML. If you click the checkbox labeled "Advanced" at the bottom of the palette, you'll also see Sophie objects, like frames, pages, and books.

Detail View shows information on the resource currently selected in the resources palette. If a preview for the resources can be shown, it will be. (In the screenshot above, a thumbnail is shown of the image). The two buttons at the top of the palette allow you to import and export resources. If you click the import button, you'll be prompted to select a resource to import into your current book; you can also select a folder of resources. These resources will be imported, like using the Insert menu; however, the resources will not be added to the current page. If you click the export button, the currently selected resource will be exported. Currently, resources are exported in Sophie 2's internal format, which can be imported by other Sophie books; this will change in the future.

The X button will allow you to delete the selected resource; if the resource is used on a page, you'll need to delete it from the page before you can delete it from the resources.

The changes tab

The changes tab, which contains a single palette, lists all actions that have been performed in Sophie. At this stage in development, this is only useful to developers; eventually, this will useful to the user. Currently you can undo any item listed in this tab.

The library tab

The library tab contains three palettes: Frame Templates, Page Templates, and Book Templates. The frame templates palette lists all saved frame templates in the current book; the page templates palette lists all saved page templates. The book templates palette lists all currently installed book templates. When a frame or a page is selected, double-clicking a frame template or a page template will apply that frame template or page template to the frame or page. Double-clicking a book template will create a new book using that book template.