1. Working with Sophie Reader

Sophie Reader is an application designed to read Sophie books. Sophie Reader behaves almost exactly the same way that Sophie Author does; however, there is no editing functionality. The Sophie Reader interface is therefore simpler than Sophie Author; there is no right or bottom flap, and there are no halos and HUDs. It looks like this:


To open a book in Sophie Reader, choose File > Open, or use Sophie Server to open a remote book (see here for information on this). An open book in Sophie Reader looks like this:


The controls on the book's status bar are much the same as in Sophie Author: you can change the zoom, turn pages, and search for text.

Books in Sophie Reader can be viewed fullscreen. To do this, select View > Full Screen Mode or press F11. Press F11 again, ESC, or select View > Normal Mode to go back to the regular mode.

Books in Sophie Reader can be exported or printed just as in Sophie Author. You can also add annotations.