5. Working with media

Sophie can import a wide variety of media. Small files can be either embedded (saved as part of the book) or linked (linked from the book, but not saved in the book): you're presented with a choice of this when you import media. The default varies: large media (where the files are larger than 4 Mb) are linked by default, while small media are embedded by default. This behavior can be changed in the file dialogue box.

If large media is stored in your book, it will be stored in a separate folder: if your book is named MyBook.book.s2, you'll also have a folder called MyBook_book_s2_files. You need to move both this folder at the MyBook.book.s2 file when moving your book to other computers. Another way to do this is to package your book: this will create a single file (with a name like MyBook.pack.s2) which will contain all the files in your book. You can package a book by selecting File > Export > Sophie Package.

Sophie books be used inside of other Sophie books, just like other media. This is known as embedding the Sophie book. See the section on working with embedded books for more information on how Sophie books work inside of other Sophie books.

5.1. Adding resources to Sophie
5.2. Using audio and video on the page
5.3. Recording audio
5.4. Supported formats