4. Working with text

This section of the documentation explains how text works in Sophie books.

Inserting text frames & editing text

Text frames can either be added by importing text (in .txt, .rtf, or .html format) or by inserting a new text frame. An empty new text frame can be added to a Sophie page by using Insert > Text. This will insert a new 280 x 210 pixel text frame, like this:


This frame can be modified just like any other frame using the frame halos and handles. However, there are additional text halos. To edit text, click inside the frame; a cursor will be inserted and you can type in text, or edit the text that is currently there. You can also use the text halos to style text or create text links. At the bottom right of text frames is the chain halo, which is used for chaining text.

Copying & pasting text

Text can be cut, copied, and pasted using the keyboard shortcuts, command/control-x, command/control-c, and command/control-v. Text copied from outside of Sophie may not retain its styling correctly.

4.1. Styling text
4.2. Chaining text
4.3. Importing text