3.6. Using comment frames

One of the most interesting features of Sophie is the comment frame. A comment frame is a special kind of frame that lets readers add comments to a book and have discussions. Comments are stored on Sophie Server; anyone who is using the book on any computer that is connected to the Internet can see the comments. Comment frames can be manipulated like any other text frame in Sophie Author; you can choose to put as many comment frames in a book as you want.

Comment frames in Sophie Author

To insert a comment frame, choose Insert > Comment from the menu bars. This will add a new comment frame to the page. A new comment frame in Sophie Author looks like this:


Comment frames have halos just like any other frame, and the appearance and position of the frame can be positioned as you desire. One special feature of the comment frame is the comment properties halo, which appears in the middle of the frame. Clicking on the comment properties halo will allow you to choose which server is used for the comments. It opens up the comment properties HUD, which looks like this:


Right now this only tells you where the comments are being saved; this will be more useful in the future.

Comment frames in Sophie Reader

When a book with comment frames is opened Sophie Reader or in Preview Mode in Sophie Author, the reader can add comments. A comment frame in Reader looks like this:


If you click on the Add button, you can add a comment. This will open a window to allow you to add a comment, which looks like this:


Enter your name and your comment and then click OK to add your comment, or Cancel if you don't want to add a comment. If you enter a comment, it will appear in the comment frame:


Future readers can reply to that comment by clicking Reply below the comment; or, they can add another comment by clicking the Add button again.

The two arrow buttons in the lower left of comment frames are for scrolling; this design will be changed in the future.