2. Working with books

This section of the documentation explains how books - the basic type of document in Sophie - work.

Sophie can have multiple books open at once. Books are listed by name under the Window menu; they are also listed in the books tab in the left flap.

Behind all open books is the book desktop. When clicked, it minimises all open books. At the top of the book desktop is a tab bar with tabs that can be clicked to switch between open books; the first of these is always the book desktop itself. When a book is selected, all other books are minimized; when the book desktop is selected, other books are minimized. Only one book can be used at a time.

When you click on the Open Preview button in the book panel of every book, a new window with a preview of the book will appear. This preview will also appear in the tab bar; you can switch back and forth between a book and its preview.

Changing the size & title of a book

To change the size and title of a book, choose File > Book Properties, which will open the Book Properties window. You'll be asked for the title, width, and height of your book:


(The Background Audio section of this window allows you to set background audio for your book if you're imported audio into your resources.) Click OK to close this window and set the changes.

2.1. Making a new book
2.2. Using book templates
2.3. Making book templates