1.6. Book Windows

Sophie books appear inside the Sophie workspace. Each book has its own window. A book window has a few main parts:


The title bar

At the top of the book window is the title bar. It looks like this:


At the left is the book window control button. If you click it, the book window control menu will appear:


Selecting one of these options will left you minimize or maximize the book, as well as closing it.

Right after the book window control buttonis the book title. You can set the book's name by choosing File > Book Properties. If you double-click the title bar, the book will be maximized to take up the entire area of the workspace. Double-clicking the title bar of a maximized book will return the book to its normal size.

There are three buttons to the right of the title bar. The two on the left are the minimize and maximize button: clicking these will minimize or maximize the book. At the right side of the title bar is the close button. Clicking the close button will close the book.

The book panel

Just below the book's title bar is the status bar, which has controls for specifying what you see in the book window. It looks like this:


At the left is the zoom setting. This will zoom the view in the page window. The default is 100%. If the zoomed page is bigger than the page window, the page will grow scrollbars.

To the right of the zoom setting are the page-turning buttons and the current page number. You can press the left arrow and right arrow to go back and forward a page; if you type a number in the page number field you'll go to that page. Pressing the right button adds another page to the Sophie book.

Next to the page-turning buttons are the search on page controls. These will find text on the current page; enter text in the field and press either the up or the down button to search backwards or forwards.

To the right of the search controls is the outline frames toggle. When this is set, as it is by default, all frames are outlined; margins and padding are also visible. This is a tool for editing books.

At the right side of the status bar is the preview button. When this button is clicked, a preview of the book is generated; previews of books behave as the book will in Sophie Reader.

The visible page

Below the book panel is the book proper, where the page of the book appears. It looks like this:


The book page appears over a gray background. Frames may be placed on the gray background and not on the book page itself.

To the right and the bottom of the page itself are the scroll bars. You can use these scroll bars to move to areas of the page that aren�t visible; you may want to adjust the book window size.

The page halo (or halos) allow you to modify settings for the page, including background color, border, and links. The book resize handle can be dragged to resize the book. This can also be done by choosing File > Book Properties.

The edges and corners of the book window

If you move your mouse over the edges or corners of a Sophie book window, you'll see the cursor change. Dragging the edges or corners of a Sophie book window will change the window size. Any edge or corner will work this way.