The Help menu shows help for Sophie. The Help menu looks like this:


Help Window

Help > Help Contents opens Sophie's internal help viewer. The help viewer looks like this:


It should contain the same documentation that you find online, but inside of Sophie for quick reference.

Send an Error Report

Help > Send an Error Report triggers the error-reporting window, which looks like this:


You should be aware that choosing to use the error-reporting window may transmit personal information (like the name of the directories on your hard drive) to Sophie's developers; if you're worried about this, don't use it. If you do use it, that's great: this will help us make Sophie better. You can learn more about reporting bugs here.

This error-reporting window will also appear any time that there's a major error while using Sophie; it functions the same way there.


Help > About shows information about the current release of Sophie 2. Currently the About window looks like this:


The title bar of this window contains the build number of the version of Sophie that you're using; this information may be useful if you're trying to get help about a problem from the developers. Click OK to close this window.