1.2.3. Multiple frame halos & HUDs

You can select more than one frame by clicking the first frame, then shift-clicking on another frame, or by dragging a rectangle around the frames that you want to select. Multiply selected frames have special halos that look like this:


At the top are the frames' title bar, just like the regular frame title bar; dragging this will drag all selected frames. On the left is the align halo; clicking on the align halo brings up the align HUD, which looks like this:


Clicking any of these buttons will align the selected frames in that way.

To the right of the align halo is the grouping halo. If this is clicked, all selected frames will be grouped: clicking on any of them will select all the frames, and the individual frames can no longer be directly edited. Grouped frames have slightly different halos:


The enter halo, on the left, allows you to enter the group. The ungroup halo, in the middle, will ungroup the grouped frames, returning them to the way they were before they were grouped. And the timeline halo, on the right, allows you to make changes to the group's timeline setting. (Control for group timelines is still incomplete.)

When the "enter halo" has been clicked, you can edit the individual frames in the group without breaking the group. When this has been done, clicking on any frame in the group will select that frame, rather than the group that the frame is in. When you edit a frame in a group, a new halo appears in the halo bar that will let you regroup the frame:


When this is clicked, the frames go back to being regularly grouped; clicking on any of the frames in the group will once again select the whole group.